Tech Solidarity website design

Role: UX Lead


Tech Solidarity, founded by San Francisco web developer Maceij Ceglowski, is a grassroots group whose goal is to better connect tech workers with the communities they live in. The project objectives were to design Tech Solidarity's current website to motivate the tech/creative community to use its considerable power, skills, and resources for social good while improving or expanding the experience and reigniting the momentum.


  • Improve the on-boarding experience for Tech Solidarity - Increase support of organizations serving the vulnerable, specifically: attendance, volunteers and donations


  1. An active member of the tech community
    • Frequents events hosted by Tech Solidarity and similar organizations
  2. New and looking to get involved in the tech community
    • Unfamiliar to meet ups and events such as those hosted by Tech Solidarity 


User Scenarios


Sketches and Wireframes (Mobile)

Site Map and Wireframes (Desktop)

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User Testing and Prototypes

We conducted various user testing sessions with various low to high fidelity prototypes throughout the course of this project to observe user interaction and ensure usability. 

General questions we asked our users on top of feedbacks were: 

- What is Tech Solidarity?

- What is the first things you noticed from this site? 

- Was/were there any difficulty in (task)?

- Is there anything you feel that is missing?


Links to interactive desktop prototypes: 


With UI:

 Paper Prototype (Mobile)

Paper Prototype (Mobile)

Visual Style

*Landing pages shown above were iterated upon feedback

Final product

Website Landing Page.png

The landing page was designed to be open and welcoming while maintaining a sense of privacy - an important theme for Tech Solidarity. It was important to make "upcoming events" a point of focus because the goal of this project was to encouraging on-boarding.

Homepage 2.png

See the keynote presentation here!