early winter 2016 - pennapps xiii


Never procrastinate again with Taskify! Using the Houndify API, Taskify automatically schedules your "commitments" and "tasks" through a convenient and intelligent voice assistant. It also interacts with the user throughout the day to ensure completion of each items in the user's schedule. 

Inspiration and target audience

From procrastination to busy schedules, we're constantly faced running short of time. As a team of college students, we sympathize with this problem greatly therefore created a scheduling app that would adapt easily to keep up with our hectic schedules. 


Product and Features

"Are you currently working?" notification to keep the user on track - Inspired by your very own mother

Personal interaction

Because Taskify was designed to actively interact with the user, we looked to existing applications such as Siri for reference. We really wanted Taskify to feel like a personal assistant so we tried to incorporate as much conversational syntax in our design to give the app a sense of human nature.  


By using a combination of a simple color scheme and small yet effective typography, we were able to create a layout that would effectively perform the scheduling function while keeping the clutter to a minimum to accommodate for the limited screen real estate. 

Future Plans

The next stage for Taskify would be to increase the diversity of events the application can recognize and have it learn your habits and the duration of time it takes you to complete certain tasks. This way, Taskify would become more personalized over time to help the user live with maximum efficiency.

You can view the full submission here at http://devpost.com/software/taskify2