Fall 2015 - top 16 projects at hackprinceton 2015



SwipeTune is a mobile app that allows you to quickly create playlists by swiping left and right. Simply choose a song, artist, genre or whatever it is that you're in the mood for and SwipeTune will generate a back to back playlist of tailored songs either directly from your library or Spotify. Swipe right to add and left to reject, you'll have a playlist ready to do in no time!

My contribution & Process

As the team's designer, I produced sketches, user flows, interface designs as well as the UX. Lastly, I assisted in frontend development using HTML and CSS. 


Hick's law describes the time it takes for a person to make a decision as a result of the choices they have. This is a common reference point for designers and has roots in infoxication, commonly known as information overload; a term used to describe the difficulty a person has in making decisions when faced with too much information. This phenomenon explains why it takes many of us a bit of time and effort when creating playlists from a stockpile of songs. 

The "Tinder" like functionality of SwipeTune presents the user with a binary decision, countering information overload.

Product and Presentation


Tutorial Pages

A set of tutorial pages were created to quickly ease the hackathon's audience into the product during presentations and demos. 


You can view the full submission here at http://devpost.com/software/swipetunes