suitable: desktop Leaderboard 

Role: lead ui/ux designer




What is the leaderboard? 
The Leaderboard page on Suitable ranks the most active students so that recruiters and anyone interested can see who the most involved students at a university are. 

Recently, users of the page expressed the desire to be able to narrow down groups of students based on categories (or "cohorts") and groups. 


Although the main goal was to incorporate a better filtering system, I thought the original design could use a bit of a touch up. One thing that bothered me the most about this page was how big each block of event was. Minimizing everything as a whole would bring more balance to the page and also allow the user to see more results at once.

Original Leaderboard 

Sketches and Explorations


I played around with various solutions throughout the course of this project to account for different feedbacks among the stakeholders. The concept pictured above explored the idea of having multiple filtering options: a custom filter and a level filter. The goal was to match the logic by separating the contextually different filters into two different categories.

The tags were added so that the user would be aware of the custom filters they added without having to open up the custom filtering menu. 

Lastly, the name cards were redesigned so that more results could be viewed an an immediate glance.



In the final solution, the previous idea of having two modes of filtering solution was expanded to having four modes of filtering to establish a solid difference between categories and a fluid navigation.