Redesigning components of suitable mobile app

Role: lead UI/UX Designer 


Original app before redesign

What is Suitable mobile app?
Suitable is a platform that helps students to build professional skills that potential employers are looking for by engaging with campus extra curricular activities. The mobile app allows students to find events to further their growth, check in to events to get credit using a QR code, and check the Suitable rankings - a chart that ranks the most active students at a particular school.

problems with the current app

  • Ambiguous search function
  • Long loading time upon opening the app
  • Disorganization of contents

GOALS in redesign

  1. Redesign and refine search
  2. Find a way to decrease the loading time 
  3. Categorize the Events tab to organize the various types of events 


Enhanced Search

  • Added search suggestions + autofill to minimize the time spent looking for a specific event and reduce typing 
  • Added sort/filter to the results page so that the user can further narrow down results when searching for broad topics 
  • Moved the search function into a tab in the nav bar (third tab) to create space for categories in the Events tab (first tab) which was one of the goals for this sprint *further explanation for this decision shown below*

faster loading

This problem was specific to when the user first opened the app

  • By default, the app would open in Events (first tab) 
    • The issue was that the page would take too long to load because it was displaying all of the events all at once

Solution: In order to counter this issue, I created a "Tap to load more" button that would show up at the bottom of the list at every x number of (~20) events




  • The search function was made into a tab in the navigation bar to make room for categories in Events
  • Clicking the "Categories" menu located on the top left corner of the header would open up a list of available categories that the user can select from