early winter 2016 - top 10 projects at steelhacks





In loving memory of my late fish Lewis who died while I was at my last hackathon, we built FishSitter - a smartphone application that monitors fish tank conditions real time, allowing for changes in care-taking (heating, lighting, filtering). 

User Experience

There are various different breeds of fish that require different water temperatures, lightings, and salinity - but this isn't common knowledge to most fish owners or most of the users that would most likely use this app. With this in mind, I kept the overall dialogue and user flows simple enough for amateur fish owners to be able to follow without having to know very specific details about their fish. Illustrations were also used to serve as additional aids to visually guide the user.


A big part of this project for me was the logo and the UI. This project was inspired by a personal experience and I wanted that to show in the product. The F and the S were based off the appearances of my two late fish, Lewis and Clark. Lewis was a brown betta with blue fins and Clark was a white betta with red markings. I chose to give Lewis the letter "F" because he had a condition (Dumbo fin syndrome) that made his fins abnormally large compared to regular betta fins. 


Final Product

You can view the full submission here at