esri: redesign of Explorer for arcgis mobile app

summer 2016 internship

Role: UX designer


Project goal:
- Redesign the browsing flow and map organization of the Explorer mobile app for a smoother user experience -

What is the Explorer for ArcGIS mobile app?:
Explorer for ArcGIS allows a you to take maps everywhere you go so that you can discover, analyze, and share your maps with the public or members of your organization. Key features in this app are its search capabilities which allows users to find places and the personalized assets for organizations. 

Before the redesign


  • Companies: construction management, civil engineering firms
  • Field workers of ea. companies: inspectors, construction workers
  • Other: Hikers, Bikers mapping out their routes

Kick-off discussion highlights:

  • "Search" is a tab within the maps category -> Having an entire tab dedicated to search doesn't seem necessary
  • "Featured Maps" -> What exactly is featured maps?
  • The ability to sort and filter is contained in the setting button -> This is really confusing
  • Two map categories: "My Maps and Groups" -> Do users ever have maps in both "My Maps" and "Groups"?
  • Search result does not contain maps from "My Maps and Groups" -> Why not?
  • In order to search maps from "My Maps" or "Groups, the user must pull down a hidden search bar from the header in the relevant tab -> This is almost impossible to find.
  • User clicks on the tabs at the bottom to navigate from tab to tab -> Could use a more natural movement such as swiping, it'll be better for one-handed users such as field workers and bikers


Sketches and App Map

Meeting Notes

Lo Fi Mockup

For You.png



The redesign consisted of reorganization as well as additional features that would optimize the experience.


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The biggest feature in the redesign is the new home view - it consists of maps and routes as well as discoverable features that are the most relevant to each user. 

"Home" sketches by Justin Velgos, senior UX Architect of mobile apps 

Home screen mockup by Kathleen Namgung

Interactive Prototypes



Additional ideas and concepts explored during this project

Bottom navigation 

Tagging the map's category for indication

iOS tab design

Alternative search pattern for tablet UI