Complex Shuffle

Role: UX designer


With the rise of mobile media, more and more people are watching videos on the go. To keep up with this growing trend, Complex has decided to invest more resources into creating quality videos for their audience. Complex wants to recreate the success of hit shows such as Hot Ones, Sneaker Shopping and Life at Complex and expand its selection of  programs from 16 to 40 shows by mid-2018. In preparation of this influx of new content, Shuffle was created to give viewers a dynamic discovery and video browsing experience.

Create a video browsing experience on the web to introduce users to different shows and channels under Complex Networks.


To get a better idea of what kind of product our users would want, we had to get into the minds of our audience.

Who are Complex's audience?
- Complex has a loyal fan base

  • People religiously watch Complex’s Hot Ones show 
  • Complex annually hosts a conference called ComplexCon to connect with their audience

- Company analytics reported that most of our users view our content on mobile devices

When and how do people typically browse media content?

use cases.png
People typically browse media content on mobile devices to pass time.

When viewing media content, users want a simple experience that is engaging and attention grabbing that they can use in various scenarios.

Competitive analysis

Competitive Analysis.png

A competitive analysis helped us understand where Shuffle would stand in the market. From this we observed that scrolling is a popular gesture for browsing videos across various companies due its intuitive nature. 

SKetches & ideation

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 10.53.54 AM.png

Swipe vs Scroll


  • Competitive analysis shows many other products are using this method successfully
  • Consistency because it’s an expected gesture across products
  • Familiar action eliminates need for discoverability, reduces cognitive load
  • Doesn't interfere with the existing gestures built into mobile browsers

User Testing: 

  • Conducted to determine which action was more was more likely to be used
  • 14/17 participants preferred scrolling over swipe


The team met once a week to review new design solutions and discuss ideas for revision. We explored ideas ranging from different complexities but feedback from walkthroughs and user tests suggested that allowing the user full control such as being able to select specific episodes distracted the user from completing the intended task (discovering new shows).


final design


In the final solution, the user swipes left and right to go from one episode of a show to another. In order to browse across different channels, the user scrolls up or down. We chose to give "browsing channels" the up/down scroll because the point of Shuffle is to introduce the user to the various different show channels under Complex Networks. It's alos a more intuitive and familiar gesture and a direction we can continue to move towards if this solution proves to be successful. 

The desktop design reflects a similar concept but the user can jump from one episode to another using a drop down episode menu.